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About Us

Paul’s Cigar Company has been around for 42 years and unlike other cigars shops that brag they have been around for over “100” years; Paul’s Cigars is still operated by the original family.The first shop started in Monterey, California in 1970 and then moved to Jantzen Beach in 1974.

The Paul family has been successful owners and operators in the tobacco industry having shops in Beaverton OR, Portland OR, and Vancouver WA. We attribute our success to friendly customer service with a smile, as well as educating our customers in the manufacturing, production, and quality of high grade tobacco products.

We have such a wide variety of products that we pretty much carry everything you need. Wether you’re into cigars, pipes, or rolling up some up the finest cigarette tobacco in the world, we can help. If we don’t have it feel free to ask and we’ll see if we can order it.

There is no such thing as a bad cigar, only better ones.